Image Above: Roy Hammer, Plant Manager at Alcoa Mosjøen

Alcoa Mosjøen, a subsidiary of the American aluminum company Alcoa, has announced that Storvik Group has been awarded several major and central contracts. The contracts are related to previously announced investments aimed at increasing production capacity at the Mosjøen smelter. Storvik considers the contract value to be significant.

The deliveries are specifically related to a complete refurbishment of nearly 8,000 anode yokes, which is a large and complex task as they are continuously used in the production of aluminum. The projects are already well underway and will continue in close collaboration with Alcoa Mosjøen until mid-2025.

"We are humble and proud that Storvik has been chosen as the supplier," says CEO Stein Kjartan Vik. "We are highly motivated to ensure that the projects are delivered to the highest standards and within the specified timeframe," continues Vik.

Image Right: Managing Director Veronica Danielsen at Storvik Mosjøen AS, with her workforce.

Storvik has worked closely with Alcoa Mosjøen on several contracts and areas for many years. Since 2018, Storvik Mosjøen has been responsible for the repair of cathode pot shells and anode yokes.

Storvik has invested significantly in its presence in Mosjøen, including the completion of a new office and workshop building in 2020. Storvik has also secured an option for an additional 7 acres of land and is now planning further expansion of its business in Mosjøen.

The contracts signed are significant for Storvik Mosjøen AS, which will receive strong support from its parent company, as all of Storvik's business areas will be involved.

- We look forward to continuing the collaboration with Storvik. The growth investment for Alcoa Mosjøen is a significant project that will have positive ripple effects on the whole of Helgeland and make Alcoa more robust for the future, concludes Plant Manager at Alcoa Mosjøen Roy Hammer.