The contract from Austal USA will be for their Joint High-Speed Vessel (JHSV). The 10 JHSV ships are slated for completion by 2015.

The tie downs are designed to secure cargo, equipment and vehicles in the JHSV’s mission bay and are 50% lighter than conventional steel tie downs.

The tie downs will be manufactured from high-strength aluminium at Alcoa’s facility in Auburn, Ind.

The tie downs were developed by Alcoa and Austal USA and designed to replace traditional steel tie downs. The steel tie-downs require a more expensive, labour-intensive process for joining and installation.

The tie downs offer the same structural strength and performance as steel at a fraction of the weight and installed cost.

Additionally, the aluminium tie downs enhance the long-term durability and structural integrity of the JHSV because, unlike steel, they will not produce galvanic corrosion when attached to the JHSV’s aluminium deck.