Alcoa is a recognised leader in sustainability, with certifications from the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative and inclusion in the annual Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, where the Company was recently recognised as the aluminium industry leader.

“Our membership in ICMM gives us an opportunity to learn, define and share best-in-class mining practices through a common set of international standards,” said Alcoa President and Chief Executive Officer Roy Harvey. “Alcoa is focused on delivering value through our strategic priorities, which includes a focus on advancing sustainably, and we are working to leverage our extensive experience to win in an evolving marketplace that will demand sustainably and responsibly produced materials.”

In bauxite mining, Alcoa has been recognised for using advanced practices through all stages of operations, including industry-leading rehabilitation methods in areas of high biodiversity value. The Company operates bauxite mines in Brazil and Australia and has joint venture mines in Guinea and Saudi Arabia.

Tom Butler, CEO of ICMM, said membership into ICMM includes a rigorous third-party assessment to ensure compliance with the organisation’s Sustainable Development Framework. He said: “I am delighted to welcome Alcoa to the International Council on Mining and Metals, and we look forward to learning from its significant sustainability experience, particularly in the area of biodiversity.”