Alcoa Corp unveiled a technology roadmap to support the Company’s vision to reinvent the aluminium industry for a sustainable future.

The technologies in Alcoa’s roadmap, including a new, proprietary post-consumer scrap recycling process, have the potential to decarbonise a significant portion of the upstream aluminium supply chain and provide a competitive advantage in a carbon-constrained world.

The roadmap, which aligns with the Company’s Purpose to “Turn Raw Potential into Real Progress,” includes three key programs:

  • The Refinery of the Future, which aims to both reduce the capital cost of developing a refinery and enable decarbonisation of the alumina refining process.
  • The ASTRAEA™ metal purification process developed by Alcoa for recycling post-consumer, aluminium scrap into high-purity aluminium.
  • The ELYSIS™ joint venture technology that eliminates all greenhouse gases from the traditional smelting process.

“Our technology roadmap represents an array of next-generation solutions that could significantly reduce emissions across the upstream value chain and concurrently generate significant stockholder value,”

Roy Harvey, Alcoa President and CEO

“Our Refinery of the Future design and the ELYSIS zero carbon smelting technology, as just two examples, not only aim to reduce costs and improve efficiency in aluminium production, but target complete reduction of greenhouse gas generation from their respective production processes.”

Harvey continued: “Alcoa developed the aluminium industry more than 135 years ago, and that legacy of innovation motivates us to help create a better future for tomorrow – one where we are leveraging our products, processes, and people to realize our vision to reinvent the aluminium industry for a sustainable future.”

The technology roadmap also helps support Alcoa’s pathway to reaching its ambition to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 across its global operations, including Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

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