It secured a contract which will see deliveries over a period of two years which started in June.

The Rio Tinto-owned group will also provide an engineering and service package through the Railtech-Alu-Singen joint-venture. Power rails (conductor rails) are used as contact line systems.

The electrical power is transferred from substations to the rolling stock through a collector shoe located on the superstructure of the train vehicle.

The power rail consists of an aluminium body for electrical conduction and a stainless steel inlet providing the required abrasion resistance.

The two different materials are extruded together in a complex co-extrusion process, which is unique for this type of application.

Aluminium provides a lower specific electrical resistance, an improved conductivity and a largely reduced weight compared to a soft iron solution only.By installing aluminium rails instead of steel about 700kt of greenhouse gas will be saved during a lifetime of 30 years.

One kg of aluminium used in rails saves about 37kg of greenhouse gas and is afterwards recycled to new aluminium. Bangalore has decided to build this DC powered railway system to relieve the high level of traffic congestion.

The system will consist of two completely new rail lines mainly built on stilts.