The management and employees of Line 5 were commended for their accomplishment despite the challenges related to the political unrest in Q1 2011.

A decision was taken in the beginning of the year to restructure the Line 4 & 5 management, and streamline the various processes to boost productivity, strengthen efficient operations, and to maximise savings.

Metal purity was well below 700 part per million (ppm), the recognised world standard, and as a result the company achieved higher revenue through sale of higher purity metal.

Productivity figures exceeded the planned targets for the first quarter by 986t as total production reached almost 80,236t. Another important achievement was that the current efficiency reached 95.9%, which was much more than the world standard of 94%.

Chief Executive Laurent Schmitt said: “The success achieved by the Line 5 employees provides a solid evidence of how effective teamwork contributes in overcoming adverse challenges. Q1 2011 was not the easiest periods for most companies in Bahrain, including Alba. And yet it was during this period that the management and staff of Line 5 turned the prevailing challenges into opportunities.”

When it commenced operations in 2005, Line 5 set new world records for the fastest and safest start-up of a reduction line - 77 days without a single loss time injury (LTI).