The Campaign’s objective is to create awareness on the importance of employees working safely with the aim to return home to their loved ones.

The ‘Go to Work and Come Back Home Safe’ Campaign kick-started with a presentation by Alba’s Chief Operations Officer, Isa Al Ansari only for the ladies in Alba, during which he focussed on home safety using real life examples.

A key aspect of this Campaign is the involvement of employees’ children in all communication such as posters and short films to convey messages of safety. An edutainment booklet on work and home safety will be distributed to all employees, which features a special section for children to help identify safe and unsafe practices.

Speaking about the Campaign, COO Isa Al Ansari, said: “Alba is single minded about employee safety and health. Our campaigns focus on safety not just at work but is also extended to the employees’ family and home. The “Go to Work and Come Back Home Safe” involves employees’ children throughout the Campaign’s messages as it is important for employees to work safely with the aim of returning home to their loved ones.”

As part of the “Go to Work and Come Back Home Safe” Campaign, Alba management and Alba Labour Union members will do plant visits, as well as accompany employees returning home from work by Company transportation to share with them home and work safety tips.