The look of this deodorant can exudes a promise of freshness and purity. The photo-realistic reproduction of a pomegranate with finely colour-graduated seeds on a characteristically shaped aluminium can is really outstanding.

Apart from its very impressive look, the can’s actual innovative character becomes apparent only at second glance. The 125 ml product is filled with a deodorant concentrate and less propellant, but offers the consumer just as many applications as a conventional 250 ml can –with the resultant savings in material, weight and transport costs. This ‘compressed’ variant is an excellent example

of an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging concept that also impressed the jury with its added value for the environmentally conscious consumer.

The first prize in the prototypes category went to Ball Aerocan Europe of France. Using an innovative printing process the company is now offering the possibility to combine glossy and matt finishes on a single can; each individual colour can be designed to be matt or glossy. It is thus possible to distinguish optically and haptically between the individual areas of the can. This provides an exciting look and feel experience for a powerful appearance at the point of sale and when using the product. Branding in perfection,

presented in an exemplary manner as a prototype that is aimed at enhancing the design of the ‘U’ deodorant range.

Gregor Spengler, Secretary General of the International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL), was also impressed by the winning cans. “Year after year this competition demonstrates the unremitting innovative capability of our globally active member companies and the benefits the aluminium aerosol can offers as an attractive, user-friendly and sustainable packaging solution. New print and design options, elegant shaping and not least the responsible use of resources have documented this yet again this year.”