The coveted award for products already on the market went to Tubex from Germany for its aluminium aerosol can for the ‘wellaflex’ brand.

The first prize in the Prototypes category also went to Tubex for its ‘Autumn’ aerosol can.

“The jury’s decision is a clear indication of where the development of the aerosol can is heading,” explains Gregor Spengler, secretary general of AEROBAL. “In addition to its unique barrier properties, its high standards of reliability and quality as a result of it being a one-piece can, and its good recyclability, the aluminium can scores above all because of the interesting possibilities it offers when it comes to printing and shaping. Here it is increasingly making greater use of its advantages over other comparable forms of packaging. For the client’s market activities it thus offers a whole host of additional opportunities to convey visual effects and brand images and to appeal to customers emotionally and effectively at the point of sale.”

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