The Sales & Marketing Workshop is intended to benefit managers and leaders in extrusion sales and marketing, as well as extrusion business leaders.

The programme is divided into three distinct sessions over two days that cover an array of topics important to better understanding the extrusion business and the unique markets served by aluminium extrusions. Session I: Extrusion Markets will cover the current aluminium extrusion market dynamics with speakers that will address extrusion supply and demand, forecasts for key extrusion end markets, extrusion billet supply issues, and more. Session II: Marketing Strategies will feature speakers that will outline how extruders can develop strategic offerings for the markets and customers they serve. Session III: Marketing Your Brand will provide practical applications and unique methods to help extruders market and position their brands through a variety of avenues, including development of social media, public relations and media strategies, and prioritizing resources for strategy execution.

“Every effort is being made to ensure this is a valuable educational event,” said Jeff Henderson, AEC Director of Operations. “This is not an event on ‘How to sell extrusions’. Extruders already know how to do that. This year alone over 4.5 billion pounds of extrusions will be sold by our industry. This workshop will be about how our industry can sell and market products using the best ideas available today.” The goal of the workshop, noted Henderson, is to equip AEC members with the tools, tactics and strategies that will take the industry to the next level.

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