The 5th International Conference on Electrodes and Support Services for Primary Aluminium Smelters takes place between May 10-12 in Reykjavik, Iceland at the Hilton Nordica Hotel.

To date, 21 presentations are scheduled in six sessions as well as a keynote presentation by Chris Baylis, Director Global Projects of the International Aluminium Institute, to open the event.

Session titles include Modern Rodding Plants; Anode Butts and Rods Transportation, Cleaning and Recycling; Optimal Assembly of Anodes and Cathodes; Cathode Repair; Increasing Productivity - Decreasing Impact on Environment - Lowering Carbon Footprint; and Industry Trends.

There will also be visits to the nearby ISAL smelter of Rio Tinto Alcan and to Century’s Nordural smelter during the conference days plus an optional post conference visit to the Alcoa Fjardaraal site at Reydarfjordur in NE Iceland. This will be by ‘plane and incur an additional charge of ISK 76k (US$654) for the flight. The visit includes a boat tour of the region as well as the smelter visit.

A number of international companies have agreed to present at the conference including six smelters to date: Alcoa, Rio Tinto Alcan, Trimet, Century, Alba and Qatalum. Presentations by equipment suppliers include VHE, HMR Hydeq, Steinert Elektromagtnetbau and Air Therm as well as electrode supplier SGL Carbon.

A table top exhibition for companies to exhibit their latest literature and/or give video presentations in front of key industry players accompanies the event.

Organised by Innovation Center Iceland and Aluminium International Today, the conference provides an opportunity to discuss common problems in rodding shop operations and explore the latest developments.

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