A total of 2.04Mt/y of non-ferrous metals capacity from 116 companies will be eliminated. The figure almost doubles that for all of last year.

Of the total capacity to be phased out, 619kt of aluminium smelting will come from 22 companies.

661kt will come from lead, 425kt will come from copper and 338kt will come from zinc companies.

The effect on production of the metals will be different. The impact on aluminium will be the least, given that China’s total aluminium capacity is already 22Mt/y and there

are new projects in the pipeline.

The aluminium companies affected are:

Yuncheng Shanhe Aluminium Co, Shanxi, 88 cells, 75kA prebake 17.5kt/y

Shanxi Guanlu Aluminium Co Ltd, Shanxi, 216 cells, 85kA prebake 51kt/y

Shanxi Tongshida Coal Chemicals Group Shuangshan Jiaolu Co, Shanxi, 50 cells, 85kA prebake 10kt/y

Yangquan Aluminium Co Ltd, Shanxi, 95 cells, 75kA 19.6kt/y

Fushun Aluminium Co, Liaoning, one 135kVA potline 30kt/y

Dongfang Aluminium Co, Heilongjiang, 82kA prebake line 6kt/y

Xindadi Aluminium Co, Shandong, Oxidation electrophoresis line, 10kt/y

Pingyin Aluminium Co, Shandong, 180 cells, 75kA prebake 40kt/y

Linzhou Linfeng Al-Power Co, Henan, 104 cells, 100kA prebake 28kt/y

Hubei Qili Huasheng Aluminium Co, Hubei 212 cells, 82kA 47kt/y

Yangxi Hongjun Aluminium Co, Hubei, 108 SY230 cells 60kt/y

Zhuzhou Tongda Smelting Chemical Co, Hunan, 84 cells, 80kA prebake 20kt/y

Dongyuan Aluminium Co, Yunnan, 75kA prebake, 2 series 13kt/y

Chengcheng County’s JinyuanAluminium Co, Shaanxi, 72 cells, 100kA prebake 20kt/y

Dongxing Aluminium Co, Gansu, 192 cells, 80kA 40kt/y

Chinalco Lanzhou Branch, Gansu, 200 cells, 80kA prebake 40kt/y

Chalco Liancheng Branch Gansu 352 cells, 100kA prebake 90kt/y

Tongreng Aluminium Co, Qinghai, 80 80kA cells + 40 100kA cells 26kt/y

Qinghai Jinyuan Aluminium Co, Qinghai, 76 cells, 85kA and smaller prebake 17kt/y

Minhe Tianli Aluminium Co, Qinghai 34 cells, 80kA prebake 7kt/y

Qinghai Yinglu Aluminium Co, Qinghai, 66 cells, 100kA prebake 20kt/y

Yili Aluminium Smelter of Xinjiang Non-ferrous Metals Industry Group, Xinjiang, 34kA cells, 75kA prebake 6.5kt/y

Source China Metals