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The Safety Guide

The Safety Guide

The safety and well-being of employees is of the greatest importance across the aluminium industry. While different areas of manufacturing can have a different focus when it comes to safety; the end goal is always the same. It comes down to the people and making sure every effort is in place to ensure a safe working environment.

As the Editor of Aluminium International Today magazine, I have been privileged to attend many events, conferences, site visits and inaugurations over the past few years and at each of these, the role of safety has been evident.

However, for an industry so proud of its safety records and safe working standards, when I started to look into what makes this industry stand out from the rest, it struck me that there are areas we should be shouting about and sharing with the whole supply chain.

The idea behind this Guide was to provide a platform for companies across the aluminium value chain to present and share initiatives, programmes and safer working practices.

Acting as a respected resource for the industry, the Guide presents safety statistics and up-to-date information, while encouraging aluminium production and processing companies to discuss successful safety projects, ways safety is being implemented, how it can be measured and the results.

With dedicated sections, the aim of this Guide was to share ideas, which could help other manufacturers experiencing similar safety challenges.

I think this has been achieved and hope it will also bring new ideas to the forefront and even encourage new ideas to be put into practice, with good results. I’m keen to hear your thoughts on this publication and continue to explore ways we can work together towards a safer aluminium industry.