Aluminium International Today Issue
Sept/Oct 2019

Sept/Oct 2019

Pack it in

I set myself a challenge this month. That challenge was to only buy products that came in either aluminium or glass packaging.

I had to let glass play a part, because as a previous Editor of our sister publication ‘Glass International’ I still hold a flame for the material and am very in favour of its sustainable and clean properties.

Unfortunately, within a few days I had to adjust the rules of the challenge slightly...

While I swerved the unnecessarily wrapped broccoli in favour of its plastic-free friend, there were other elements of my shop that I instead tried to make more ‘sustainable’ choices with. I know that at least by making small changes we are all contributing to a more environmentally-friendly world, but it is still too hard as a consumer to make the right choices.

Thankfully, the aluminium industry again seems like it is leading the way and I was very pleased to see the launch of a new aluminium bottled water brand hit the headlines recently.

Hopefully it is just about changing people’s attitudes and knowing that because a product is not smothered in plastic, it is not more expensive and no different in quality. If anything, it should be promoted as being better quality.

This issue has a dedicated packaging feature, which highlights aluminium’s part to play here, as well as a number of regional overviews, a focus on safety and more.


Cover courtesy of Gillespie & Powers