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What a year.

I’m not convinced that when Big Ben strikes midnight on the 31st December everything will return to normal, but I certainly will be pinning some hopes on 2021 offering fresh starts and a return to elements of daily life I know we have all been missing.

For me, I always took travel for granted and at times I would dread going on business trips (mainly the packing...I hate packing!) But I would always return feeling like I had been able to explore a pocket of the world that I might never see again and for that I felt very lucky.

While travel remains restricted, we are all having to work differently and although I was very much looking forward to visiting Québec in December for the Future Aluminium Forum, the reality of the situation means we will instead all be meeting online.

We were already well aware of the benefits of digitalisation when it comes to efficient data usage, real-time viewing and automated processes, but have the last few months pushed us to get ‘online’ faster?

This year’s Future Aluminium Forum will still bring you a host of interesting presentations, ideas and opportunities to discover the digital solutions that promise to deliver a more streamlined supply chain. We will also be looking at what intelligent manufacturing actually means for the sector and there are plenty of ways you can be involved...Find out more by visiting:

I hope you enjoy this issue and I wish you all a healthy and Happy New Year!

Nadine Bloxsome,
Editor, Aluminium International Today

Front cover image courtesy of Granco Clark

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