Aluminium International Today Issue
March/April 2019

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March/April 2019

Deal or No Deal?

While the title of this month’s column implies a no frills TV game show with contestants gambling on uncertainty, it seems ironic that the UK is currently playing its own version, just thankfully minus Noel he still in the jungle?

I won’t profess to know all the ins and outs of what the outcome will be on 29th March and what it means for the UK aluminium industry. It has an essence of ‘Millennium Bug’ about it all and I am actually quite looking forward to being out of the country (on a tour of the Québec aluminium industry) on said date.

Tom Jones, Chief Executive of ALFED confirms the consequences he believes a ‘no deal’ exit would bring: “Significant disruption of the supply chain across all industries, delays at customs, movement of all goods, including foods and medicines will impact on UK industry and those employed in it.

“A secure withdrawal agreement, together with the right transition period would give business in the UK time to adapt and prepare to the new trading landscape, as well as ensure our future relationship with the European Union brings mutual growth and the right trading partnership.”

In the meantime, if you’d rather avoid the ‘B’ word, then this issue has a large focus on the future of aluminium manufacturing, furnace and heat treatment technology, analysis & testing and a focus on value- added products. Enjoy!

Nadine Bloxsome
Editor, Aluminium International Today

Front cover courtesy of Granco Clark

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