Aluminium International Today Issue
July/August 2020

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July/August 2020

We will meet again

Our top story for this issue is the news that the ALUMINIUM 2020 Show, which was due to take place in October has followed in the footsteps of a number of other industry events and made the decision to postpone until May 2021.

This is never an easy decision to make, as we know from the Future Aluminium Forum, but it has to be right for all involved and the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors is of course paramount.

While networking is still limited to Zoom calls and we are all guilty of snooping into colleagues spare bedroom backdrops on video chats, it is clear that we are living in very different times. We are all more connected than ever, but our interaction is limited.

Everyone has had to adapt in a certain way, whether this is in business development, or simply coping with new situations and restrictions on a daily basis.

Adapting can also be a good thing and we have taken this time to revise how we bring you information and if there is more we can be doing by way of offering networking opportunities, knowledge transfer and general updates.

Hopefully you have already seen the new Podcasts and Webinars that have been made available online and we are continuing to develop ways to bring you more digital content and offer you access to information in a way that you would rather receive it. Check out the website for more information:

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