Aluminium International Today Issue
Jan/Feb 2021

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Jan/Feb 2021

Virtual Insanity

Jamiroquai’s predictions were’s a crazy world we’re all living in!

Thankfully this virtual reality we find ourselves in can have some benefits and still being able to hold a version of the Future Aluminium Forum in December was one of them.

Of course, it was not the same as being able to network in person and holding face-to-face meetings, but with more than 400 registered attendees over the two days, we were really encouraged by the interaction and opportunities it offered during these travel restricted times!

If you weren’t able to join, this issue includes a full review of the event and also features a number of papers from speakers who presented during the online conference. We had so many great speakers join and discussions were held on topics such as building digital supply chains, environmental technologies, intelligent manufacturing solutions and lots more.

Overall, it was certainly a very different way to host an event and I can confirm that conducting a Keynote Q&A session over Zoom is even more nerve-wracking when you are relying on your home WIFI and not being interrupted by an Amazon delivery!

This issue continues on the digitalisation theme, with a dedicated look at smart manufacturing investments (page 28).

We also focus on the impact of additive manufacturing across the sector and how technology is advancing here.

I hope you enjoy this issue and wish you a good start to 2021.

Nadine Bloxsome, Editor

Cover courtesy of Granco Clark

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Issue Highlights




Virtually a success!
Digitalization and CO2 - Free Aluminium - The Hurdles and the Pitfalls
The Internet of Metals (IoM)
Smart smelters and digital twins
Collaboration, the first step towards success
Staying ahead in the era of perpetual change
The Planning Superhero
Is Southern Africa ready for digital transformation?


Smart manufacturing investments
Smart factories are the future
Does analytics have a role to play in Aluminium?


UK Smelter at the heart of green aluminium


Modernising metals management with MES


Storvik Pneumatic Tube Cleaning Machine


Innovative aluminium SC reinforced solution for additive manufacturing
Advances in additive manufacturing held back by old powder


Focus on: Australian Aluminium


Combatting construction’s carbon footprint


Improving cold rolling mill performance
Inspection solutions to support surface quality in aluminium cold rolling


Fontes remains key player