Aluminium International Today Issue
2019 Highlights

2019 Highlights

Welcome to this special edition of Aluminium International Today, which is basically a ‘Best Of’ version of the magazine, wrapped up in a digital bundle for you to enjoy.

It is only when I sit down to gather all of the news stories and features from the past year, that I realise what a busy year it has been. It also makes me think that I should probably turn my attention towards my Christmas shopping...which I have been putting off until December.

As you can see from the selection of news stories on the following pages, 2019 has been a progressive year, with a focus on sustainable products and technologies.

As protestors lined our streets and fires raged across the Amazon Rainforest, the world finally had to pay attention to the damage that has already been


Thankfully, the aluminium industry is working considerably to lessen the manufacturing impact and close the recycling loop. And there is even more to come, with the development of technologies like ELYSIS and continued investment into lightweighting applications.

As we start to plan 2020, you can find a full events diary at which will help you pick out the best industry events to take part in.

Make sure the Future Aluminium Forum is high on your list in Québec City to learn about the ways aluminium is moving into the digital age.

I hope you enjoy the issue and wish you all the best for 2020!

Nadine Bloxsome
Editor, Aluminium International Today

Front cover courtesy of Granco Clark