Rosa M. García Piñeiro

Vice President of Sustainability and President of Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation

The Technology Roadmap to Achieve the Aluminium Industry’s Net Zero Ambitions

Aluminium is one of the most essential materials in a decarbonising world, and global demand for primary aluminium is expected to see continued increases. But delivering on the material’s full potential requires solutions that can help decarbonise aluminium production across the full value chain. The good news – the technology roadmap to achieve this ambition exists.

Alcoa has game changing technology innovations in development that include new methods to decarbonise aluminium production and improve the sustainability footprint across the value chain, from mine to metal. These include a zero-carbon smelting technology that produces oxygen as a byproduct, a combination of technologies that can decarbonise alumina refining, and a novel technology that can turn difficult-to-recycle post-consumer scrap into super-high purity aluminium.

In this session, attendees will learn about these new technologies and how they can help decarbonise the aluminium industry.

Speaker Biography

Rosa M. García Piñeiro is Alcoa’s Vice President of Sustainability and also serves as President of the Alcoa Foundation. Rosa has also served as President of Alcoa Spain and held numerous sustainability and government affairs positions since joining the company in 1999. In addition to her role at Alcoa, Rosa has served on the Advisory Board of the School of Mining Engineers of Madrid since 2014. Rosa holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Vigo (Spain), a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Escuela de Organización Industrial - University of Madrid (Spain), an Executive MBA from the Haute École de Comerce at the University of Geneva and a master’s degree in Commodity Trading from the Geneva School of Business.