Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-performance specialty sealing components and products that provide environmental protection, emissions control, and energy conservation solutions for the Aluminium industry.

Our full range of sealing components for Pot Rooms, Cast Houses and Carbon Bake plants are made to withstand the extreme conditions your plant faces every day – high temperatures, chemical gasses, and the demands of the electrolytic process.

Our proprietary ARMATEX® Q series of refractory textiles are key in the performance success of many of our products, including anode bar seals, emission control seals, reduction cell hood gaskets and door seals. This refractory compound, which is impregnated into traditional textiles, is highly resistant to a variety of chemicals, has low porosity, and enhances strength, as well as temperature and abrasion resistance.

Mid-Mountain also manufactures a complete line of THERMOPAK® fabricated products designed for specifically for the Aluminium Industry, including our patented cathode bar seals, as well as carbon bake exhaust trunk seals, flue port covers, crucible lid seals, trough gaskets, tray pad covers, and many more.

We at Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. welcome the opportunity to work with your company to find better ways to protect your people, your facility, and our environment.