Fives, as an industrial engineering Group, designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s largest industrial groups including the aluminium, steel, glass, automotive, aerospace, logistics, cement and energy sectors.

For the aluminum industry, Fives has developed pioneering solutions suited to increasingly strict environmental standards to reduce emissions, optimize energy and resources, and adapted to the growing capacity of smelters equipped with high amperage pots. In addition, Fives is relying on digital solutions to make operator-machine interactions easier.

Fives ‘expertise is to design and supply process equipment and turnkey plants for the main aluminium producers worldwide through its Fives Solios, Fives ECL and Fives North American Combustion companies, in:

  • Reduction Area: Gas Treatment Centers, Pot Tending Machines and Pot Equipment.
  • Carbon Area: High Capacity Green Anode Plants including Carbon Butts Processing and Pitch Fume Treatment systems, Pitch storage and processing, Firing Systems & Fume Treatment Centers for anode baking furnaces, Furnace Tending Assemblies, Anode Handling Systems, Anode Stacking Cranes, Bath Processing Units and Anode Rodding Shops.
  • Combustion Equipment: Custom thermal process solutions designed to increase efficiency, production, reliability, and quality, while reducing environmental impact. Wide range of ultra-low emissions, high efficiency burners that are ready for hydrogen.

With dedicated service experts worldwide, Fives is committed to help its customers to both improve the performance of their equipment and reduce production and maintenance costs.

A pioneer in the decarbonization of Industry, Fives recently supported Hydro to produce the world’s first batch of recycled aluminium using hydrogen, on an industrial scale. The successful test is a key step towards aluminium production completely free of carbon emissions.