Sider Alloys Italia is reviving Alcoa’s old smelting facility located in Portoscuso, Italy with a significant investment. The company has invested in a continuous type homogenizing furnace for its plant with Sistem Teknik’s partnership. Since their advantages over batch-type furnaces with cooling cabinets, continuous-type homogenizing lines are now more in demand as the global aluminum industry expands quickly. Cycle time and energy consumption are both reduced by half compared to batch-type homogenizing lines as a result of process optimization.

The continuous homogenizing furnace can provide thermal balance since each billet in a continuous homogenizing line can go through equal heating and cooling processes. The circulation fan creates a horizontal airflow inside the furnace while the billets are being transported to it by a conveyor system, ensuring excellent mechanical properties. The fans' unique design allows for homogeneous heat distribution within the furnace environment.