The last few years have seen the introduction of a number of low carbon aluminium products released into the market. However, the lines can sometimes be blurred when it comes to analysing what makes these products ‘greener’ than others. More recently, the Carbon Trust released a report calling for the publication to universal standards of the carbon footprint of primary aluminium and the LME announced plans to launch a platform to trade ‘low carbon’ aluminium mostly produced with renewable energy, marking the first time a metal will be traded based on its environmental footprint in the exchange’s 143 year history. As the industry continues to push for a more sustainable supply chain, you are invited to join this dedicated 'Green Aluminium' Webinar to hear from industry experts about their thoughts on sustainability targets, carbon labelling and how to adapt to the regulatory landscape in Europe.

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Presentations will include:

Green Aluminium – Why and How?
Bjørn Kjetil Mauritzen, Head of Sustainability, Hydro

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time and the manufacturing industry and construction stand for 20% of world’s emissions globally. This means that as an industrial company we’re a big part of the problem as we are delivering materials to all of these sectors. But that’s why we’re also part of the solution. Because, not everything can be solved by developing a new app. We still need to produce materials, such as aluminium, so that we can use it for electrical cars, trains and windmills – everything that we need to enable a green transition. Those materials need to be ethically sourced, produced with low emissions, that can be recycled and last longer. But, as with all materials, it comes with a footprint. To produce aluminium we need to extract and refine the raw materials, which happens in sensitive areas. Aluminium is not automatically a green metal, but can be. Bjørn Kjetil will look into how and why.

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI): Responsible production, sourcing and stewardship
Dr Fiona Solomon, CEO, Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

Fiona Solomon, CEO of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) will discuss uptake of ASI's Standards and give a snapshot of progress on the overall work program, key sustainability megatrends relevant to the aluminium sector, growth of responsible sourcing for the aluminium value chain, and the Revision Process for the ASI Standards that is now underway.

Carbon Labelling in the Aluminium Industry
Hugh Jones, MD, Carbon Trust

Hugh will be taking the audience through the report produced by the Carbon Trust on carbon labelling in the aluminium industry. The core thought is that the world needs lower carbon aluminium and a green labelling scheme for primary aluminium would help get there sooner.

This presentation will go through the key points of the report and highlight the importance of a reliable and trusted scheme; and to perform well in that scheme the importance of powering aluminium plants with low carbon energy e.g. renewables. This is in the context that aluminium production is estimated to account for approximately one per cent of global greenhouse gas emission and the sector has to demonstrate its contribution towards climate change mitigation by reducing the carbon footprint of its primary processes – the labelling scheme would accelerate this process.

The Carbon Trust comes to this as an independent organisation with a mission to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy. It works with businesses, organisations and governments around the world on opportunities in a sustainable low carbon world. It has a strong track record in developing and deploying low carbon technologies and solutions. And it is seen as a global leader in measuring and certifying the environmental footprint of organisations, products and services. Finally Hugh will be exploring how we can get the industry on board and move the labelling scheme forward.

Build back better with low carbon aluminium
Jerome Lucaes, Marketing & Sustainability Director at RUSAL

In his presentation, Jerome Lucaes, Marketing & Sustainability Director at RUSAL will address how the Company has been a market leader in the production of low-carbon aluminium and has been driving change in the industry for years, alongside focusing on the urgent challenge of decarbonisation within the aluminium industry. Jerome will discuss what the Company is doing both internally and externally, including calls for more carbon footprint transparency and the creation of a distinct market category for low carbon aluminium. Switching to sustainable materials is one of the simplest and fastest ways to reduce the carbon footprint of business operations and RUSAL is leading the way in this space.

How to Green Your Aluminium Products
Melanie Williams, Sustainability Consultant

As the world adapts to a ‘new normal’ there are calls for it be more sustainable than the ‘old normal’. Specific themes are emerging that will affect the aluminium industry. Less polluting vehicles will become important in towns and cities where walking and cycling will be encouraged. More packaging will be needed to keep food safe and cope with the move to online retail. On-shoring of manufacturing will be encouraged. All companies will be expected to introduce greener products if they want to engage fully with customers, because consumers don’t want a carbon copy recovery.


Building Cyber Resilience in Aluminium Manufacturing

  • Dr Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Reader in Cyber Security at Coventry University.

Presentation Title: ‘Digital Resilience in Aluminium

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  • Paul Hingley, Business Manager, Safety – Plant Analytics and Industrial Cyber Security, Siemens

Presentation Title: ‘Applying Security in Industry...An Application Story’

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  • Paola Angelilli, Executive ICT Manager, Danieli
  • Codutti Michele, Installation Engineer, Danieli
  • Zaghi Giovanni, IT Team Leader, Danieli

Presentation Title: 'Cyber Security: How to be Resilient'

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  • Anthony Dickinson BSc MBA Chief Revenue Officer, TUV Rheinland 2MC
  • Nigel Stanley MSc CEng FIET MIEEE Chief Technology Officer, TUV Rheinland 2MC

Presentation Title: 'Managing Cyber Security and Safety Risk in the Aluminium Industry'

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