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Join the Aluminium International Today Webinars, which unite the sector with a look at new technologies, manufacturing solutions and ways we can optimise and streamline the value chain.

Industry experts will lead attendees on a journey through digital technologies, sustainable production and value chain stabilisation, while engaging discussions and Q&A sessions will offer live interaction and networking opportunities.

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Alumina Handling at its Best: Clean, Cost-efficient and Gentle

Wednesday 24th March 2021 at 09:00 UK - Register Here

Sponsored by Bruks Siwertell

This webinar will inform the market about the gentle handling of Alumina during unloading and loading of vessels and still performing with high capacity and high efficiency with no compromise, to show how it is possible by using Bruks Siwertell equipment.

Attendees can also learn about:

- Cost savings due to almost zero spillage - How is this possible? How to avoid spillage? This all be explained in more detail and how easy it is actually to achieve.

- A combination of minimizing the dust emission a lot and saving the environment to have clean ports by showing a complete sealed unloading system that at the same time handles the Alumina with care.

- Show how and why the minimizing of the degradation is possible during the unloading process by using an unloader with screw conveyor technology from Bruks Siwertell.

Join Patrik Henryson, Sales Manager, Bruks Siwertell to find out more

The Smart Plant

Wednesday 31st March 2021 at 14:00 BST Register Here

Sponsored by OSIsoft and Quantillion

Following on from the success of the Future Aluminium Forum Digital Event, this series of webinars highlights the main areas of development in digital manufacturing. In this webinar, we focus on ‘The Smart Plant’ and hear from speakers about integrating digital technologies and building the smelters of the future.

Presentations include:
'The Digital Smelter: How to enable AI and Digital Twins'
Martin Provencher; Global Industry Principal, Mining, Metals and Materials, OSIsoft

Building a Digital Supply Chain

Wednesday 21st April 2021 at 10:00 BST Register Here

Sponsored by CoilDNA

Following on from the success of the Future Aluminium Forum Digital Event, this series of webinars highlights the main areas of development in digital manufacturing. In this webinar, we focus on ‘Building a Digital Supply Chain’ and hear from speakers about the benefits of digitalisation when it comes to driving efficiency.

Presentations include:
The Internet of Metals – Tracing the DNA of Metal
Werner Aumayr and Leo Pöcksteiner - The two MDs of coilDNA

When people think of DNA analysis, they often think about shows like CSI, which portray DNA samples coming into a lab and pulling up a picture of the suspect within a short period of time. Indeed, it is fascinating how only a single DNA fragment can be used to draw conclusions about a person! This concept can also be transferred to the metals industry.

Inspired by the human DNA, the Austrian company coilDNA has developed a revolutionary technology that gives an identity to individual pieces of metal, tracks its history and turns them into a smart, internet connected product.

During the webinar you will learn how coilDNA’s technology works and what can be achieved with it:
Optimized processing of metal parts considering the local properties of the semi-finished product used.
Simple tracking of metal products and their properties throughout the whole supply-chain from manufacturer to processor.
Data-driven communication with the producer or the material-engineer by just taking a picture of a product with a coilDNA code.
Forgery protection: Using the coilDNA technology anyone in the world can check whether a document assigned to a specific metal part is valid.
Sustainability information (e.g. ASI certificates) can be tracked for every single metal part produced from a certified supplier

Digitalisation​ - The Enabling Layer for an Efficient Business

Tony Faneco, CCO, Chinsay

Data is king and digitalisation is the medium through which data can be used to its true potential value.

Trading any over-the-counter products requires drawing information from many different sources and channels, and in various formats which, without the proper use of technology, can lead to islands of activity and data. These islands are unconnected, and any emails or documents generated in siloes end up being used only as references for execution and operations.

By digitalising a company’s business-as-usual workflow, Chinsay creates data that can flow through the business, ensuring the right people have the right information at the right time.

In this webinar expect to learn more about how your business can leverage digitalisation to benefit your supply chain, and the power of information harnessed from data generated during the trade workflow. This is proactive, not reactive, and allows for data to be structured for integration, automated action, reporting and visualisation.