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Join the Aluminium International Today Webinars, which unite the sector with a look at new technologies, manufacturing solutions and ways we can optimise and streamline the value chain.

Industry experts will lead attendees on a journey through digital technologies, sustainable production and value chain stabilisation, while engaging discussions and Q&A sessions will offer live interaction and networking opportunities.

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As light-weighting, hybrid and electric vehicle technologies look set to dominate the automotive industry agenda aluminium will likely play an integral and increasing role in delivering the materials and components to allow OEMs to realise their objectives. But how green is the aluminium going into these more environmentally friendly vehicles?

Join this webinar to hear from aluminium suppliers, trade bodies and automotive manufacturers and find out about the moves to certify green aluminium and why it should matter to car makers and their customers alike.

Speakers include:
Arnaud de Weert
Chief Executive Officer, ALVANCE Aluminium Group

Andreas Gondorf
VP Sales & Marketing, Aleris Aluminium Duffel

Patrik Ragnarsson
Senior Automotive & Transport Manager, European Aluminium

Arnaud Tronche
Head of ALVANCE Downstream, ALVANCE Aluminium Group