Techmo is an Italian independent company focused in the engineering and production of special mobile and stationary equipment for the aluminium and non ferrous metals industry.

The full range of purpose designed machines covers different types of equipment performing a large number of operations in pot-rooms, rodding shops and cast-houses.

The Company’s aim is to provide the most innovative, rational, cost effective and user friendly technical solutions.

Among the most significant families of mobile equipment are the Tapping Vehicles, Anode Transporters, Metal Transporters and Tilters, Vacuum Cleaners, Alumina/ AlF3 Feeding Vehicles, Furnace Charging Vehicles and Furnace Tending Vehicles, Multipurpose Anode Changers and Crust Breakers.

Beside its line of purposed designed vehicles, Techmo supplies a number of stationary equipment such as Butts Cleaning Machines, Metal Crucible Cleaning- and Preheating Machines, Metal Tapping & Siphon Tubes Cleaning- and Preheating Machines, Crucible Tilting stations, Pot Delining Machines, etcetera.