The system will be delivered to the Steinacher Group from Austria – the largest privately owned Aluminium remelt producer in Europe.

The multi‐strand casting system, equipped with Wagstaff AirSlip Billet Casting Technology, will operate at the “Speedline” facility in Schlins, Austria. This remelt casthouse was erected in 2008 as a green site facility following the strictest environmental protection and energy‐saving guidelines. Speedline installed Wagstaff ShurCast and AutoCast systems at that time, along with multiple Wagstaff Billet Casting Systems.

“With the most recent expansion step and in cooperation with Wagstaff, we will maintain our technological edge,” says Speedline managing director, Quido Nachbaur.

The Speedline aluminum foundry is considered one of Europe's most modern remelting facilities. Since its opening five years ago, it has continued to invest in increased energy efficiency – while significantly increasing productivity. In addition to the Speedline output, the Steinacher Group owns AGN – Aluminium Gießerei Nachrodt - a VDC casting facility in Nachrodt, Germany. Total production of the two facilities equals approximately 160,000 tons of billets per year.