Alupro has welcomed TUBEX Aluminium Tubes as its latest member. Based in Austria with production facilities worldwide, the company produces a large range of aluminium packaging for the cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

TUBEX positions itself as a solutions provider provides businesses and their customers with eco-designed, protective packaging products. Blue Tube (created from 95% post-consumer and 5% post-industrial aluminium) and Monotube (manufactured from a single material type) are TUBEX’s two main products - fulfilling manufacturer requirements on circularity, recyclability and sustainability.

Thierry Bitout, CEO at TUBEX Aluminium Tubes, said:

“TUBEX is truly setting the standards through innovative use of low-carbon recycled aluminium. Indeed, our products show that a closed-loop, infinitely circular economy is perfectly possible."

Thierry Bitout, CEO at TUBEX Aluminium Tubes

He continues with:

“Joining Alupro provides a unique platform to engage with our customers, suppliers and consumers to further promote the aluminium recycling message.”

Thierry Bitout, CEO at TUBEX Aluminium Tubes

Tom Giddings, general manager at Alupro, added:

“We’re delighted to announce TUBEX as the very first aluminium tube manufacturer to join Alupro. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to driving up recycling rates, as well as communicating the recycling message to consumers."

Tom Giddings, general manager at Alupro

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