TOMRA Sorting Recycling has introduced a new-generation X-TRACT machine with innovative Dual Processing Technology which enhances final purity levels; multi-density channels to enable more precise classification and sorting of materials; and a broad range of application packages.

Valerio Sama, Vice President and Head of Product Management Recycling, commented: “With X-ray transmission technology to assess materials according to their density, X-TRACT was already capable of delivering exceptional sorting performance. TOMRA’s innovative and unique Dual Processing Technology adds even more accuracy to material recognition and sorting. There is no other technology on the market like this – and now that X-TRACT is available in a wider range of customised application packages, more businesses can take advantage of it.”

X-TRACT is best known for the sorting of Zorba (shredded mixed nonferrous scrap metals) into aluminium and mixed heavy metals but is now available in five different application packages: the E-Scrap, Organic, Wood, Aluminium, and High Power Pack.