Fives Group CEO Frederic Sanchez, in discussions with Khaled Salmeen, CEO of Kizad, has proposed setting up a new operation with Kizad to provide Emal with cutting edge equipment to manufacture anodes as well as technology for reducing smelter emissions.

Sanchez claims that Fives' technology is 'much more efficient' than that currently employed by Emal. He wants to train Emirati nationals in high-tech engineering processes used to manufacture anodes for aluminium smelting.

For a EUR4 million investment, Sanchez believes he can create 100 jobs for nationals and, in the process, lessen the 'big gap' in Fives' portfolio by supplying Emal. Fives hopes to play a major role in Emal's phase lll development.

Kizad's Salmeen said discussions were at an early stage, but very positive in nature, adding that high-tech jobs for Emirati nationals was very appealing.

On completion of Emal's phase ll development, the smelter will be the world's fifth largest aluminium producer in the world with a production capacity of 1.3Mt/yr.

Source: The National, Abu Dhabi