Taha International Corporation, one of the leading aluminum dross processing companies in the world, has lauded Bahrain’s commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2060.

Patrick Pollmann, Group CEO of Taha International Corporation stated that it is evident how serious the Kingdom is in its endeavor to achieve net-zero carbon by 2060, as announced by the government. He pointed out that the strategies of Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) in this field are at par with international standards and serve as a model for major industrial companies around the world.

Pollmann was speaking on "Industrial Sector's Role in Achieving Net-Zero Carbon" forum, organised by the Environment Committee of the Alwane Bahrain Society, under the patronage of the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, His Excellency Zayed bin Rashid Al-Zayani, and in the presence of Dr Khaled Fahad Alalawi, Assistant Undersecretary of Industrial Development.

Pollmann explained that Bahrain offers an integrated legislative, procedural, and logistical system to encourage various sectors, including the industrial sector, to consider environmental and sustainability issues and adopt the best international standards in this field.

“Taha, which has been operating in Bahrain since 2005, was able to develop a one-of-a-kind international technology drawing on local and international expertise. Through this patented technology, Taha's aluminium dross process is a radical innovation that uses less energy and does not produce toxic salt cake while drastically reducing carbon emissions, marking an unparalleled achievement in the field of environmental preservation. This new technology is being adopted by an increasing number of aluminium smelters around the world,” Pollmann said.

Pollmann pointed out that a recent study conducted by Ernst & Young in the Netherlands in collaboration with the renowned Austrian Montan University Leoben found that the carbon footprint of Taha’s method vastly outperforms conventional methods otherwise available in Bahrain and most parts of the world, showing a reduction of more than 80% of GHG emissions.

“Taha International Corporation is proud to support the industrial sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and we are committed to incorporate Bahrain's industrial development strategy 2022-2026 into our key initiatives and plans because we have common goals to develop the Bahraini industrial sector and increase its contribution to national GDP," Pollmann concluded.

Taha International Corporation was honored at the end of the forum for its commitment to implementing the highest environmental and climate standards, as well as its support for the Kingdom of Bahrain's efforts to reach net-zero carbon emissions.

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