Société de transport du Saguenay (STS) has signed a partnership agreement with the Quebec bus manufacturer Letenda for a demonstration project of their first zero-emission bus, the Electrip®. This mid-size vehicle, designed for winter conditions, will be tested in an operational environment in 2021. Several technical validation tests will take place during the demonstration.

This initiative is part of the STS’s innovation mission, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of its activities and increase the attractiveness of its service in the Saguenay area. Marc Pettersen, chairman of the board of Société de transport du Saguenay said: "The STS is proud to partner with Letenda bus company in carrying out this pilot project which brings together major regional economic players. This project demonstrates the impact that public transportation can have on regional economic development as it helps to build a sustainable community while supporting inclusive growth”.

Mrs. Josée Néron, the mayor of Saguenay, declared: "I am very proud to see that the city of Saguenay and the STS are the first in Quebec to provide this exceptional testing ground. In the current global context, the use of technology for zero-emission vehicles is very interesting and essential. I congratulate the management and the board of directors of the STS and their partners, including Rio Tinto and Proco, for believing in this project. I wish that the production of this type of bus could be done here. "

In June 2019, Letenda announced the development of a new generation of zero-emission city bus with partners from the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region and the Innovative Vehicle Institute. The demonstration phase of the vehicle will be done in collaboration with those partners, including Construction Proco, Rio Tinto, the Société de la Vallée de l'aluminium and Promotion Saguenay.

Nicolas Letendre, Letenda president and founder adds: "Letenda is driven by the passion to offer innovative and sustainable mobility solutions to future generations. The Electrip® aluminium bus is the result of a process oriented towards satisfying customer needs and carried out thanks to the collaboration of precious partners."

Emmanuel Bergeron, director of regional economic development for Rio Tinto mentioned: "Since 2017, Rio Tinto has actively supported Letenda in the development of the Electrip®. This new bus model is fully electric, made with aluminium and offers greater accessibility for people with reduced mobility. We are proud to be a part of this project which is aligned with our focus on sustainability, combining public transport, low carbon footprint materials and renewable energy."