The first ever Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM) Europe opened its doors to hundreds of manufacturers in Brussels today.

The cornerstone of every SIM event is a trio of exhibition and conference zones that together, deliver end-to-end sustainable manufacturing opportunities. Zones include solutions for providing cleaner ENERGY, new technologies to enable plants to EVOLVE, and a collaborative approach to protecting the ENVIRONMENT and the future of industrial manufacturing businesses.

More than 300 delegates joined for the Keynote session on the morning of 28th June to hear from industry representatives from Mission Possible Partnership, Forum for the Future, Volvo Group and the Energy Transitions Commission.

Lord Adair Turner, Chair, Energy Transitions Commission joined live, via Zoom and highlighted that decarbonisation across these sectors is clearly achievable with the technologies already in place. He said: "We have and know the technologies in order to decarbonise, but we are going to have to build a bigger electricity system to produce the hydrogen used by hard-to-abate sectors."

Other sessions subsequently followed with collaborative formats, in order to focus on how all industrial sectors can get a head start on the race to net zero and share ideas on the solutions for today and tomorrow.

It is the belief of the SIM organisers that industry must work together, at scale, across sectors and throughout the supply chain in order to lighten the impact of energy intensive manufacturing.

To deliver real change, there is a need for support, guidance and information to be made readily available, which is why the next couple of days will offer all delegates the opportunity to hear presentations, take part in live discussions, network with other sector representatives and the chance to view sustainable solutions and technological innovation case studies.

There is still time to register and attend Day 2 on 29th June!