Acc-u-Line features dimensional tolerances and grain structure consistency, delivering the industry’s best performance in machinability.

Patrick Lawlor, president of Sapa Extrusions North America, said: “The combination of research and development through our North America Technical Center, strategic capital investments and input from our distribution partners and their customers has culminated in the best and most complete line of aluminium extruded rod, bar and hex products on the market.”

As the largest soft alloy extruder in North America, Sapa Extrusions uses indirect presses to produce much of the new rod and bar product.

Unlike the direct extrusion process, indirect extrusion reduces the frictional heat generated during extrusion, resulting in rod, bar and hex products that have more consistent dimensions, mechanical properties and grain structure.

It is produced at Sapa’s billet casting centres in Cressona, PA and Spanish Fork, UT. Sapa said the new product offers tighter tolerances, higher mechanical properties, improved machinability and better surface finish in machine grade products.