RUSAL has developed an optimised 5xxx series aluminium alloy for further anodising. Production has now started atthe Bratsk Aluminium Smelter (BrAZ).

RUSAL's Technical Directorate conducted a general assessment of the alloy and organised its mass production. Furthermore, the production of optimised 5005A alloy slabs will be launched, used by rolling mills to anodise coils and sheets.

Currently, these products are only available to import. The production of the new alloy in industrial volumes will provide Russian consumers with the 5xxx series, facilitating the development of high-processed products including facing panels,spotlights, and electrolytic capacitors.

Domestic market demand for the 5xxx series alloy is estimated to be around 50 thousand tonnes.

“The development of value-added products such as 5005A alloy slabs aligns with RUSAL’s strategy for developing the domestic market, ensuring a stable competitive position for facade panel manufacturers using domestic products and replacing imported ones. The production of the new alloy will allow RUSAL to reduce delivery times to the consumer, reducing the cost of the final product,” said Roman Andryushin, Deputy General Director of RUSAL for sales in Russia, the CIS and China.

Thanks to the anodisation of alloys, the final product is covered with a protective oxide film, which is second only to diamond interms of hardness. Anodising technology improves the corrosion resistance of products, improving their aesthetic appearanceand increasing their service life.

Thanks to the pricing policy of RUSAL and the conclusion of long-term contracts with suppliers within the domestic market,high-tech aluminium products used in the construction industry, facade structures, and products previously only available through importation have now been introduced. These include pipes, lighting poles, noise barriers, helipads, and cablesamongst other products.

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