The $2.3m project has seen the company increase its alloys production and installa 30t mixer and two 14t/h casting conveyors. The smelter’s alloy capacity has increased from 15kt/y to 45kt/y and resulted in the alloy’s share of NAZ’s production rate rising to 60%.

New products will mostly be used for the engineering and automobile manufacturing industries. The smelter in particular will produce A356.2 alloy for wheel disks production.

New products will increase the smelter’s competitiveness as the special alloys sale price is higher than the primary aluminum's one. The upgraded casting complex will start production in March.

Alexey Arnautov, Director of Rusal’s Aluminium Division West, said the company would keep converting the production capacities of its Aluminium Division West to high-value added production.

Once the second stage (the modernization of A356.2 alloy T-type ingots casting machine) is completed, the alloy’s production share will increase to 80%.

The smelter is already producing a standard ingot with a special chemical composition, and following the completion of the second stage 100% of production will be high-value added.