RUSAL and Gränges AB have signed an agreement to cooperate on the development of aluminium alloys for automotive applications.

As part of the agreement, RUSAL will develop new aluminium alloys, slab casting and heat treatment processes, alongside Gränges which will develop a process for the rolling and fabrication of Flat Rolled Products for automotive customers.

“This partnership with Gränges offers new prospects for the development of original alloys and strengthens our leading position in the aluminium solutions market for automotive applications." .

Viktor Mann, RUSAL’s Technical Director

“We believe that the new alloys have significant market potential. Aluminium alloys with competitive pricing, high electric conductivity and workability will replace copper-based products already in the market”, adds Kent Schölin, Senior Vice President Technology & Innovation, Gränges AB.

RUSAL produces a large range of alloys, including the aluminium-scandium lead alloys under the ScAlution brand. Due to their high technological, physical and mechanical properties, ScAlution alloys contribute to lighter vehicles, thus lowering fuel consumption and air emissions.