Rio Tinto takes home Metals Company of the Year and second consecutive Aluminium Industry Leadership Award at the S&P Global Platts Global Metal Awards.

Rio Tinto has taken home the Metals Company of the Year honour and, for a second consecutive year, the Aluminium Industry Leadership Award (Nonferrous Metals) at the 7th annual S&P Global Platts Global Metal Awards. The Metals Company of the Year recipient is chosen from the entire list of finalist companies, while the Industry Leadership Awards recognise companies whose decisive actions have led substantial transformation or change in their core market of the metals industry.

Rio Tinto also announces that Elysis was the recipient of the Breakthrough Solution of the Year category. Vincent Christ, CEO of Elysis; Paramita Das, General Manager, Global Marketing and Development for Rio Tinto; and Karin Dahlman, Director, Marketing, Aluminium for Alcoa were on hand to accept the Award. In 2018, Alcoa and Rio Tinto launched joint venture Elysis for larger scale development and commercialisation of a revolutionary process to make aluminium—one that produces oxygen and replaces all direct greenhouse gas emissions from the traditional aluminium smelting process.

Winners of the Global Metals Awards were announced earlier this evening in London, UK.

Rio Tinto Aluminium chief executive Alf Barrios said “We’re committed to continuing our leadership of the aluminium industry, as we partner with customers to innovate and find new ways to deliver value. This focus on partnerships is at the core of our business strategy: to meet the growing demand from consumers for responsibly sourced materials that can be used to shape a sustainable future.”

Rio Tinto vice president of sales & marketing Tolga Egrilmezer said “Sharing best practices with industry players is something, in particular, that we hope becomes an industry standard to bring about positive change. At Rio Tinto, we believe in succeeding with our customers through innovation and responsible solutions.”