Rexam has announced the first commercial use of the Metal Recycles Forever logo in the UK market, printed on cans produced for micro-brewing customer Concrete Cow.

The logo, endorsed by all members of Metal Packaging Europe, provides a definitive symbol for the metal packaging industry. Its creation is part of a behavioural change campaign, intended to inform consumers about the inherent recyclability of metal packaging, ultimately encouraging them to recycle more.

Speaking on behalf of Rexam, European Sustainability Manager Matthew Rowland-Jones says, “We’re delighted that Concrete Cow has decided to use the logo and see this as an extremely positive step in the right direction. We are now focussing on encouraging more of our customers to include the symbol on their cans, in a bid to change consumer attitudes to recycling. As Europe’s largest beverage can maker, we have a responsibility to support and encourage consumers to recycle their cans, through on-pack and wider marketing communications.”