Texas-based SNSTech has developed a 100% aluminium reclosable beverage can as it aims to offer a more sustainable packaging alternative to plastic bottles.

Called SipNShut, the packaging is designed to run on existing canning lines at high speed and is said to pour as smoothly as a standard beverage can.

SNSTech claims that its new design makes reclosable cans “far more palatable to consumers, brands and fillers alike”.

Bill Brandell, president of SNSTech, said: “We did our homework and know without a doubt that consumers want reclosable cans but the options on the market today are not attractive to fillers, brands or consumers.

“They mix plastic and metal, don’t work well on existing canning lines and are awkward for consumers to open. We focused on fixing all of those issues with SipNShut.”

Chris Schorre, CMO of SipNShut, added: “Consumers really like aluminium cans but they’re easily spilled once opened. SipNShut lets consumers take previously opened beverage cans with them on the go the same way they would a plastic bottle.

“Given the growing consumer pushback against plastic, SipNShut also offers beverage brands a more sustainable packaging alternative to plastic bottles.”

Schorre added that the company is responding to a consumer demand for a solution that keeps sand or bees out of drinks at the beach, while picnicking or anywhere outdoors.

SipNShut’s patented design is being developed in cooperation with can industry partners and is expected to hit shelves next year.