REAL ALLOY has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Récupération Valorisation Aluminium (RVA). The French specialist located in Les Islettes, 200 kilometers east of Paris, uses their proprietary technology to process Aluminium salt slag and reclaim its component minerals – Aluminium, salt and Aluminium oxide –, thereby eliminating waste generation from aluminium recycling.

“The technology and the know-how of RVA aligns perfectly with REAL ALLOY’s growing focus on sustainability”, says Terry Hogan, Chief Executive Officer and President of REAL ALLOY. “This acquisition provides enhanced capability to recycle salt slag and the opportunity to further enhance our existing salt slag processing plants in North America and Europe and is another step towards further reducing our ecological footprint and becoming a more sustainable and fully integrated company. We are seeing the world and especially the Aluminium industry dramatically increase focus and efforts to improve sustainability. The addition of RVA further supports REAL ALLOY’s mission to capture the inherent economic value of recycled Aluminium by offering environmentally responsible processing solutions for our customers.”

Besides REAL ALLOY, RVA serves various other well-established customers operating in the Aluminium industry throughout Europe.

“We are happy to become part of this European corporate network and to help contribute to REAL ALLOY’s sustainability ambition”, says Jacques Kleinmann, Managing Director of RVA S.A. “Our slag recycling process is a closed-loop system returning valuable raw material and making minimal demands on the environment.”

“We welcome our new colleagues at Les Islettes and we are keen to learn from each other”, says Russell Barr, Executive Vice President and Managing Director Europe of REAL ALLOY.

“This integration of slag treatment and the diversification along the value chain of Aluminium recycling is an enhancement of REAL ALLOY’s business model and strengthens our distinctiveness as a sustainable recycler and supplier of Aluminium. This acquisition will enrichen both our business and our corporate culture.”

Russell Barr, Executive Vice President and Managing Director Europe of REAL ALLOY

The acquisition of RVA by REAL ALLOY was concluded on May 10, 2021.