Khalid Laram, Qatalum's deputy CEO, added that the company's unique knowledge-based industry and the support of its employees, owners, suppliers and international customers have all contributed to the company's achievement, which was recorded on September 10 2012.

By the end of July 2012, Qatalum's casthouse had already achieved its first 1Mt of value-added products and now the company claims that its reduction group has proved that it can deliver above average capacity at the right quality.

"The combination of competent teamwork, successful technology and qualitative improvements is the way forward at Qatalum," says chief operations officer Jan Peterlic, while reduction manager Hans Petter adds that the capabiity of the company's environmentally friendly and advanced technology and the overall competence of the organisation are the key to Qatalum's success.

Qatalum produces 600kt of aluminium per annum, which is 15kt above average since the plant was commissioned in September last year.

The company's facilities include a carbon plant, port and storage facilities, a captive power plant and a state-of-the-art casthouse that produces extrusion ingots and foundry alloys for a global customer base.

Qatalum claims to be dedicated to sustainability, efficiency and the highest standards.