Rectiformers, which convert AC power into DC power, play a vital role in the aluminium smelting process.

Qatalum’s rectiformers have recorded zero loss in terms of kilo amps per hour in more than two years, which according to the company is a result achieved at no other smelter in the world.

Qatalum Power Group HV and Rectifier Specialist Richard Guignard said: “The zero values we have achieved in terms of kilo amp per hour leakage are unprecedented and are the lowest in the world for any smelter.

“Qatalum is proud of its tradition of industry leadership and our rectifier performance again sets a benchmark against which all aluminium smelters can be compared.

“The outstanding levels of efficiency have been achieved through careful maintenance of our rectiformers and by effective management.

“We look forward to continuing to achieve excellent rectiformer efficiency results over the coming months and years.”

Qatalum uses 10 rectiformers to convert and direct high levels of current through reduction cells during aluminium smelting.

Each rectiformer consists of a regulating transformer, a power factor corrector and a rectifier. Each rectiformer requires maintenance by a dedicated team of six technicians.

Qatalum Power Plant HV Distribution and Rectifier Manager Rune Kristoffersen said: “Qatalum’s Rectifier Team has achieved excellent results consistently for more than two years.

“It has done so as a result of the considerable skill levels of the team’s members and through meticulous planning of maintenance procedures.

“A culture of continuous improvement has been established that is well supported throughout the Qatalum organisation and we expect it to generate world beating rectiformer efficiency levels at the lowest possible cost for many years to come.”

Maintenance of rectiformers at Qatalum was brought in-house two years ago.