AZ Global Consulting is gearing up to host a significant gathering of industry stalwarts, all converging with a shared vision to promote collaborative endeavors in the aluminium industry. Slated for October 18-20, 2023, the conference, themed "Roadmap to Success", will emphasise the immense potential of collective strategies to elevate aluminium's essential role in environmental conservation, especially in combating climate change and reducing carbon emissions. Taking center stage will be a distinguished speaker lineup featuring:

- Miles Prosser, International Aluminium Institute (IAI), Secretary General

- Mahmood Daylami, Gulf Aluminum Council, Secretary General

- Panthea Geramishoar, SBDT, CEO

- Ron Knapp, China Hongqiao Group Limited (HK), Adviser, Office of the Chairman

- Geoff Matthews, Sim Pac, Partner

- Patrick Pollman, TAHA Corporation, Group CEO

- Torbjorn Sternsjo, Helioray, CEO

- Enrico Tanuwidjaja, UOB Bank, Economist

... and many more luminaries from the aluminum and related industries.

These industry leaders, coupled with AZ Global Consulting's reputation for spearheading groundbreaking dialogues, promise an event teeming with fresh insights, robust debates, and visionary strategies. The conference will spotlight the urgency of sustainable practices in the aluminium domain and unravel the nuances of transitioning from traditional methods to green aluminum production.

Beyond the keynote addresses, attendees can look forward to sessions that dissect the industry's value chain, ranging from bauxite extraction to market dynamics and the innovative technologies poised to revolutionise the sector.

Seize the opportunity to join global pioneers in charting a sustainable course for the aluminum industry. Register now at