The so-called 'Amperage Creep' project is one of two important initiatives launched by the company with the aim of optimising energy efficiency and productivity at its giant smelter located in Sohar Industrial Area.

The other initiative concerns a comprehensive revamp of the potline designed to achieve a reduction in energy consumption, according to a top official.

"During the last two years, Sohar Aluminium (SA) initiated an upgrade of the pot lining, thereby opening new avenues in terms of current efficiency and operating amperage. The full deployment of these new state-of-the-art pots will be achieved by the end of the year. This will lead to new production levels for SA," said Said Mohammed al Masoudi, CEO.

"The SA team will also optimise and improve the specific energy consumption of the potline to reduce our aluminium cost per tonne. Meanwhile, we will continue to explore all opportunities for growth, including asset expansion scenarios," he further added.

Last December, shareholders of Sohar Aluminium approved a significant investment to support an amperage creep project to reach an operating level of 400kA in the coming years and boost production of primary aluminium by an approximately 28,000 tonnes planned to be completed by 2019, Al Masoudi stated. Both projects are in line with Sohar Aluminium's efforts to maintain its position as a benchmark for aluminium smelting operations around the world. The Oman plant's Aluminium Pechiney technology (AP3X) is globally acclaimed as superior, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.