The company has applied to the New South Wales Government to process up to 200t of spent potlining material at the Weston furnace.

A recent trial processed 40t of the material from the Kurri Kurri and Tomago aluminium smelters.

Managing director Garbis Simonian says it is crucial the material is converted instead of pumped into landfill.

"We made some products and sent it to customers and it was well received." he said.

"They now want a larger quantity for a commercial trial.

"Since the last trial we've actually installed a briquetting plant and some of the byproducts we'll be briquetting into new products forms so there'll be a wider range of products."

Mr Simonian says spent potlining material is a resource that must be re-used.

"We cannot continue on this planet behaving as we have in the past, consuming raw materials and virgin materials," he said.

"We cannot continue putting huge tonnes of waste into landfills because there are resources there that we're just burying.

"We have to recover it, it's a resource, you can make products from it."

SOURCE ABC Newcastle