The equipment will be installed at a greenfield plant in Poland's new Kleszczów Industrial Park.

According to FATA Hunter, the equipment was selected on the basis of its innovative and advanced design to make the facility one of the most modern, efficient and environmentally friendly rolling plants in Europe.

The mill features state-of-the-art controls that allow it to roll a wide variety of products from foil stock to can body with tolerances that meet or exceed the quality from the world’s leading producers.

The tension leveling line enables the production of quality strip while combining an innovative cleaning section that minimizes the use of chemicals employed on conventional lines.

FATA Hunter will be involved in the long-term of expansion of the plant.

Eurometal is a leading European supplier of aluminum extrusions and is part of the Eko-Świat Group – a major Polish producer of extrusion billets, primary and secondary alloys, produced using continuous casting technology.

"We at FATA Hunter are very happy to be selected by Eurometal and look forward to a successful project and to an excellent and long-term co-operation," said Dr. Anthony Tropeano, FATA Hunter's CEO, at the contract signing ceremony.