Novelis Inc. has announced the launch of Novelis HRC57S®, an innovative, anodising quality aluminium product containing more than 90% recycled content.

The product, claims Novelis, provides outstanding quality for decorative batch anodising with superior bending and non-combustible properties not available in any other alloys today. The new HRC57S® alloy has been undergone a series of independent tests to ensure gloss, color and corrosion resistance all meet the architecture industry’s demanding performance standards.

HRC57S® is available in flat sheet dimensions and as coil for further batch anodising and processing. It allows architects, fabricators, façade installers, and building owners to achieve more sophisticated and compelling designs while decreasing the carbon footprint of new-build or redesigned structures.

In 2021, the company launched a high-recycled content, pre-anodised product, Novelis HRC73A®, which has been nominated for the 2022 German Innovation Award. Similar to HRC57S®, it features more than 90% recycled content to meet customers’ low-carbon aluminium needs.

“Today’s launch of HRC57S® further expands our sustainable anodising product suite for architectural applications,” said Stephen Boney, Vice President, Novelis Europe Specialties. “Whether our customers require pre-anodised solutions for direct cladding, or anodising quality products for batch anodising, these innovative applications meet the most demanding architectural requirements.”

To support growing customer demand for sustainable solutions, the company is introducing Novelis AL:sust™, a Novelis Europe Specialties family brand featuring innovative low-carbon aluminium products with a recycled content of at least 80%. Novelis HRC57S® and HRC73A® are the first two members of the AL:sust™ family, with more product additions planned for multiple, end-use applications.

“Taking sustainability to the next level, products in the AL:sust™ family enable our customers to decarbonise their own products while maintaining rigorous quality, performance and safety standards,” Boney emphasised. “This exciting accomplishment with the portfolio demonstrates a continued focus on increasing recycled content in our aluminium products as we develop more sustainable solutions that will enable our customers to meet their goals for carbon reduction.”

Novelis, the pioneer in aluminium recycling, has invested more than $700 million over the last decade in recycling facilities worldwide, and recently announced additional recycling investments of more than $430 million. A leader with its circular business model, Novelis uses an average of 61% recycled aluminium across a wide range of rolled products. The company has goals to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 or sooner, as well as to reduce its carbon footprint by 30% by 2026. To that end, it is focused on becoming the world’s leading provider of low-carbon, sustainable aluminium solutions that advance its business and society toward a circular economy.

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