According to reports, the single-use coffee pod brand said it wants to 'improve the accessibility and convenience' of aluminium capsule recycling.

Nespresso has invited rival coffee pod makers to join its global recycling programme in a move it claims will improve "accessibility and convenience" of recycling services for customers using single-use aluminium coffee capsules.

The portioned coffee brand said it wanted to engage with its competitors in order to develop a global recycling solution for coffee pods, amid concerns the sector encourages throwaway behaviour among consumers.

Company CEO Jean-Marc Duvoisin said aluminium was a valuable and infinitely recyclable material. "We have built a global scheme for recycling our capsules, and by inviting other companies to join our system, we hope to offer a solution for the whole category," he said. "This decision is aligned with our global initiatives to shape a waste-free future and drive behaviour change towards a circular economy."