To better facilitate this role, the Belgium team will relocate in October to a new facility in Loncin Belgium, a few minutes from Alleur.

Drew Cheshire, NDC President stated, “This new Loncin facility reinforces our commitment to our Metals gauging customers as well as our dedicated Belgium-based R&D and Customer support teams. This new facility will enhance both our new product development and our customer support efforts.”

The Loncin Centre of Excellence will also serve as the European demonstration facility for all NDC products including IR sensors, Web Systems and BLM laser speed and ultrasonic systems.

Since the acquisition in 2011, the Belgium development team has completed several product developments and continues to work on new and improved Metals products.

Earlier this year NDC released the new Rometer and AccuRay X-ray thickness products incorporating NDC’s (Total Distributed intelligence (TDi™) technology. The TDi™ architecture creates a simpler, more powerful and more reliable system by distributing state-of the art processing technology throughout the products. A small, high-powered controller called a D-BRIC™ is added to each sensor, Smart Camera, and C-Frame to capture and process gauge measurements at the highest possible rates and accuracies. This creates a simpler, modular system and frees the HMI PC to efficiently manage the operator interface, alarm and event logging and long-term coil archiving.

Ahmad Shishegar, NDC’s Vice President, R&D, stated, “Integrating the Metals product line to TDi was no simple task, but was achieved on schedule due to the tightly-coupled development work orchestrated between our Belgium and USA based R&D teams. We have met all of the goals set out in the programme, and customers who have seen the new equipment are very pleased with its performance.”

NDC is proud of the progress made to date with the metals products and is excited about the new location In Belgium. Our customers and business partners can be assured of our long-term commitment to the success and growth of our Metals Gauging business.